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Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can grind, smooth and level most new or existing floors to expose the composite within until the desired degree of aggregate is achieved.  This involves grinding the concrete and then polishing up to 3000 grit with special bonded diamonds to achieve the desired surface, which is then sealed with one of our special coatings, that produces a hard wearing, low maintenance and fashionable finish.  Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can also grind your concrete to remove glue, paint, wax, fiberglass and stains, as well as to repair rain-damaged concrete.





Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ is an approved applicator for a variety of epoxy floor coatings. We have epoxy coatings suitable for use on a wide range of floors including garages, mechanical workshops, warehouses, high impact floors, electrostatic safe floors for computer server rooms etc.


The floor surface must be properly prepared using diamond grinding, otherwise the coating (epoxy) will delaminate and break up, flake or peel. The epoxy coating, whether a roll coat system or moisture tolerant epoxy primer, is then bonded to this substrate.



Self levelling floor preparation is a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cement and polymers, developed as a premium smoothing and levelling compound for internal floors with irregular substrates. It is used to level the sub-floor prior to the application of floor tiles, timber flooring or decorative surface flooring.



  • The entire floor area is diamond ground to remove the surface layer, high spots and construction debris to ensure the best possible key to the slab.
  • A moisture barrier may be applied to protect the levelling compound from excess moisture in the concrete slab.
  • A specified primer is applied to suit the porosity of the concrete slab.
  • The levelling compound and any appropriate strengthening additives are applied.
  • The sub-floor is now ready for the application of surface flooring.


Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ has experience in a wide range of concrete repair solutions including:


  • Delaminated concrete
  • Fractured expansion joints
  • Stress cracks or trip hazards
  • Stained pitted concrete
  • Tilt slab repairs and skimming
  • Repairs to existing floor toppings


Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ has the experience and expertise when it comes to expansion joint filling. Expansion joints are placed in floors to allow for natural movement as concrete may expand or shrink as it cures. The jonts are cut into the floor after the concrete is hard enough to walk on.



Whether a warehouse, bar, restaurant, shop, kitchen, patio, showroom or some other surface, Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can grind, seal and polish your concrete to produce a smooth attractive finish.


Sealing concrete has many advantages. It cures and hardens the surface, prevents concrete dusting and makes the surface more abrasion resistant.

Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ have extensive knowledge in the use of concrete repair products and technology and can provide fast, cost effective solutions to make your floor surface safe and the concrete structure sound.



There are two ways to seal a concrete floor

Diamond Polished

  • Involves grinding the concrete with metal bonded diamonds and applying an integral sealer that penetrates the concrete and blocks the pores and then hardens. The result is a floor that is very hard and will not allow the penetration or escape of dust.


Spray on Sealers


  • Involves scrubbing the concrete with our ride on scrubber and applying a surface sealer to the concrete. An anti-slip additive can be used in the sealer.


The sealed surface is then polished with resin bonded diamonds in various grades until the desired finish is obtained.



  • Manufacturers of the world’s most technically advanced systems for permanent concrete repair, moisture proofing and protection treatments.


Types of Diamond Polished Concrete Finishes

Salt and Pepper Grind

Grinding off 1-2 mm of the surface will reveal the lighter stones near the surface of the concrete, allowing sand and small stones to be visible.

Medium Grind

Up to 2-3 mm of the surface is grind off to exposed a mixture of small to medium sized stones.

Full Grind

3-6 mm of the concrete surface is grind off to expose the large stones buried deep in the concrete.

The desired finish is highly dependant on the quality of the concrete poured and the curing conditions. Thus, the polished floor may inherit a natural variability in the distribution of the stones. For more information on other types of finishes, kindly send us an inquiry in the Contact Us section.

Medi-Vet anti-microbial sealer

Permanently waterproofs new and old concrete, purges out years of contamination and odours from old slabs, protects against urine and chemical ingress, and prevents moulds, mildews, microbes and deep seated disease acids.



Moisture-Fix 1&2

Moisture barriers for adhesive fixed floors, Battern Fixed & Floating Timber floors, loose laid Carpet & Vinyl and for Carpet Tiles fixed in pressure sensitive adhesive.

Ideal for use in:


Nursing Homes Hospitals
Dairies Animal Shelters
Stables Swimming Pools
Freezer and Cool rooms Toilet Blocks